Anyone who had the opportunity to explore Croatia will sure tell you that it is a traveller's paradise.

With its many isles this is an alluring place to be in.

Stunning coast, breathtaking scenery, fabulous architecture and of course - the amazing food and wine!

Being a traveler in Croatia does not mean you will not feel like home.

Quite opposite. Once you enter this equisite country, it will feel like a home-away-from-home.

You will become addicted to Croatia.

And yes. You will fall in love with this place.

Do not say we didn't warn you.













Among Numerous Appealing Journeys, Choose Yourself a
One to Remember.


for your outstanding journey through Croatian

natural, cultural & historical wonders

1) Over a thousand of charming islands and islets

2) 8 National Parks

3) 11 Nature Parks

4) 7 Sites listed as a UNESCO World Heritage

 5) Countless isolated and untouched travel spots to research

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Euphrasius Basilica Complex in Porec

National Park Plitvice Lakes

St.Jacob's Cathedral in Sibenik

Historical Core of Trogir

Diocletian Palace and Medieval Split

Starigrad Plain

Dubrovnik Old Town