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...country of elevating culinary reputation recognized by outstanding high quality traditional dishes.

...perfect destination for people interested in food & travel

Visit the most exquisite travel points while enjoying the good food.

Across the Croatia there are many travel points which offer amazing tastings and tours for a great value. We will lead you through different regions presenting you the highlights of the local cuisine followed by some fine croatian local local wines.


Indulge your senses with delicious Croatian products & prepare to be amazed by the profound tastes and scents of croatian gourmet delights:


Truffles. Prosciutto. Cheese. Olive oil. Octopus and sea fish. Figs. Chestnuts. Local cherry, honey and plum brandies. Trout. Asparagus. Oysters and mussels. Lamb and veal baked under the bell.

After indulging your sweet tooth with some traditional Croatian desserts and treats, most certainly - you'll be craving for another bite.

Tasteful way of spending your holiday, isn't it?