Any cool plans for the weekend?

Spending couple of days away from home & having fun sounds like a pretty good idea.

Looking for a place for your little getaway, but dont know where to go?

You can get great-value city breaks in Croatia, cause we have some amazing cities around here.












5 HOT SPOTS for your city break in Croatia:


Irresistible Mediterranean destination both modern and ancient in the same time. Well known by its rich night life and charming narrow streets hiding countless cafe bars, restaurants and wine bars. Outstanding look of the city today is the result of an elegant merging of Roman ruins and some very modern features.



The Highlight No.1 of the City of Split.

Ancient Roman Palace which has deserved its place

in the UNESCO's list of World heritage sites

and forms the attractive part of the Old Town.


Attractive ancient city with charisma which makes an appealing & unique city break destination worth of visiting.

Besides rich historical and cultural heritage - monuments and archaeological treasure from the ancient and medieval times, Zadar also offers one of a kind modern attractions.

Each day Zadar is being more famous as the „city with the most beautiful sunset in the world“ & we couldn't agree more.


The very first Sea Organs in the world.

Consisting of 35 pipes under waterfront stairs which play

the chords and tones produced by the waves.


Solar lighting installation at Zadar waterfront

performing an impressive show of lights after the sun goes down.


Among all the buildings, monuments and statues which represent impressive architecture of the Capital city of Croatia, we must say that Zagreb hides many more surprises. Theatres, concert halls, museums, galleries and various events are a proof of very rich artistic and cultural life.

During the day you will find local markets living a busy life, presenting colourful palette of the fruit and vegetables, flowers and souvenirs. If you would enjoy in buying some items, just take a tour through numerous stores and shopping malls.

While waking along the streets of Zagreb, you will listen to different sounds of street performers, hear some interesting tales and legends from the past and get the insight how local people live.

And if you like, you can easily get in touch with the nature. Just take a walk along one of many beautiful parks or enjoy the view of the floral landscape of Botanical gardens.

When the sun goes down, mystical streets and reflection of the lanterns will gently show of its charms & soon you will start to feel the night rythm of the urban city life.



Each day precisely at Noon you will hear the

sound of the legendary Grič cannon,

simply signalizing it is a middle of the day.

It is without a gunpowder,

so no reason to worry.


Mediterranean town world-famous for its intriguing historical and cultural heritage. What makes it even more special – it is a town with a lot of character. Each peace of stone of the Old City Walls reveals a spectacular historical background. Around almost every corner, there is a magnificent story to tell.

We dare to say – most likely, rare are those who have never heard about Dubrovnik.

Growing number of people visiting this remarkable UNESCO protected site confirms how Dubrovnik truly became a world known tourist attracting mecca.



Dubrovnik is attracting numerous fans of the mega

popular HBO serial „Game of Thrones“.

Stunning sites located inside and near the old city of Dubrovnik were included in the filming project.

Sensational scenes are featuring not only famous

but also well-hidden impressive historical locations.


Urban city of rich cultural, artistic and musical scene. Proud, multicultural and tolerant, this city is living a life with its own beat and rhythm. Rijeka was used to known through an image of a strong industrial town which remains visible through industrial facilities even today. This bring us to one important industrial invention in the past – the first Torpedo which was invented right here in Rijeka.

The most vibrant street of the city is Korzo, extremely charming main street that you should not miss while visiting Rijeka. During pleasant walk along Korzo, you will spot a Clock tower together with a row of buildings that reveal very strong Austro-Hungarian influence in architecture. During your stay, we would suggest a stop at Trsat Castle nested on the hill above the city, offering spectacular view of the Kvarner bay.

Dramatic Rescue of TITANIC Survivors

Ship CARPATHIA sailing on a regular route Rijeka – New York – Rijeka recieved S.O.S. signals from Titanic.

On the night in which 1.459 passengers and crew lost their lives, 712 survivors were saved and brought onto the deck of Carpathia.

The only lifejacket from the Titanic that is located in Europe is preserved in Maritime museum in Rijeka.

There are many exciting excursions and activities that you can experience while based in chosen city.