Dream. Create. Inspire.

By using innovative approach in designing personalised travel journeys throughout Croatia, we deliver travel services in a way you would never imagine.

Innovative tours & imaginative itineraries

- is what we do.



Travel agency Awei specializes in superior custom-designed agricultural tours.

From the very beggining, we started working hand in hand with agricultural experts, developing unique projects.




Discover the charm of the authentic Croatian villages by spending vacation in one of the sheltered rural sites.

While staying in a quiet farmland in a cosy and comfortable country-style accommodation you will feel a world away from the urban life.




For travelers looking to explore Croatia more deeply and who share a passion for both – travel and ecology, we will gladly arrange a getaway from civilization and every day life through exciting journey.




For those who like a bit of everything, we will create a stunning roundtrip that will take you to most impressive destinations.




When it comes to history & culture, Croatia is a destination with plenty to see. During your journey through the most prescious ethno, cultural & historical features, you will become well acquainted with the authentic customs and tradition, national costumes and folklore dances. While we are introducing you to the most interesting and quite turbulent past events, you will witness numerous well preserved ancient ruins all along the coast.




Calming atmosphere and peaceful surrounding combined with guided tours celebrating history through the most fascinating tales about well known historical figures.




Fun, inventive & affordable tailor-made holidays for groups of students is one of our favourite tasks.

Let us take care of you the entire vacation. The only thing you should do is „go with the flow & enjoy“.




Visit the most excuisite travel points while enjoying the good food.

Accross the Croatia there are many travel points which offer amazing tastings and tours for a great value. We will lead you through different regions presenting you the highlights of the local cuisine followed by some fine croatian local local wines.




Looking for a place for your little getaway, but dont know where to go?

You can get great-value city breaks in Croatia, cause we have some amazing cities around here.







Take part in one of the most spectacular adventures in Croatia.

You choose the way: Trekking. Hiking. Cycling. Kayaking. Canoeing...







Mind-clearing wellness holiday would be a vacation everyone would easy enjoy in.

Due to mild climate, sea and fresh mountain air, unspoiled nature and very rich wellness offer, Croatia makes an ideal wellness travel destination.